#kde-freebsd etiquette

Discussions that are on-topic Discussions that are off-topic
  • Packaging of KDE SC on FreeBSD
  • Porting new KDE applications to FreeBSD
  • Problems compiling KDE SC from trunk on FreeBSD
  • Tracking down FreeBSD specific bugs in KDE SC
  • KDE coding / bug fixing (particularly on FreeBSD, but also on portability issues)
  • Gratuitous offensiveness
  • Bigotry
  • Politics (any kind)
  • OS / desktop / toolkit advocacy
  • Whining

Familiar chat about your kids, your dog, movies, the weather, et cetera is usually okay, but please exercise restraint if there is an on-topic discussion happening in the channel. At all times, on-topic discussions take priority over off-topic ones, and if you do not want to follow that rule please leave the channel. Repeatedly ignoring this polite request will lead to you being kicked, and eventually banned, from the channel.

Thank you for your understanding.
The Channel Operators

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