QtWebEngine Landed18 Aug 2017

The long-awaited QtWebEngine -- the Qt port of the Blink engine that also powers the Chromium browser -- has landed in the official ports tree. This completes the portfolio of... Read full announcement

Calligra, Krita updated to 3.0, KF518 Jun 2017

The first applications built on KDE Frameworks 5 are beginning to arrive on FreeBSD. The Calligra suite of office and productivity applications and Krita, the painting application, have been updated... Read full announcement

KDE Frameworks 5.35 in Area5111 Jun 2017

The latest release of KDE Frameworks 5.35 has been added to the plasma5/ branch of the Area51 repository. Users of the experimental ports repository can upate and rebuild KDE Frameworks... Read full announcement

New Area5108 Jun 2017

The repository used by the KDE-FreeBSD team for preparing KDE (related) ports has migrated to GitHub, alongside the XOrg@ and gnome@ ports trees. The first updates from that repository have... Read full announcement

Various Migrations31 May 2017

Two parts of the KDE/FreeBSD initiative have migrated to other homes this week. The website has largely moved to the KDE Community Wiki. This will make it easier to keep... Read full announcement