People behind KDE/FreeBSD

The KDE/FreeBSD ports are maintained by a very loosely organized team of volunteers, which can be reached at the general e-mail address

The maintainers

The maintainers deal with the day-to-day maintenance and longterm development of the KDE ports in the FreeBSD ports collection, handle problem reports in FreeBSD's bug tracking system, provide technical support to end-users and work with the contributors below to keep KDE Software Compilation working on FreeBSD as smoothly as possible.

  • Tobias C. Berner (tcberner@)
  • Max Brazhnikov (makc@)
  • Jason E. Hale (jhale@)
  • Raphael Kubo da Costa (rakuco@)
  • Adriaan de Groot
  • David Bruce Naylor (dbn@)
  • Marie Loise Nolden
  • Dima Panov (fluffy@)
  • Alonso Schaich
  • Alberto Villa (avilla@)
  • Martin Wilke (miwi@)


The contributors/developers invest time, efforts, knowledge and resources into the active maintenance of KDE Software Compilation on FreeBSD. They work on the KDE SC codebase, do beta testing, provide technical support to end-users and maintain various ports in the FreeBSD ports collection.

  • Andy Fawcett
  • Kris Moore
  • Josh Paetzel
  • Bartosz Fabianowski
  • David Johnson
  • Mikhail Teterin
  • Andriy Gapon
  • Tijl Coosemans
  • Axel Gonzalez
  • Li-Wen Hsu
  • Matthew Rezny
  • Gleb Popov

...and many more.


Although they have since moved on to other projects, without the outstanding efforts of these people, there would be no KDE/FreeBSD as we know it today.

  • Satoshi Asami
  • Stefan Esser
  • Kevin Lo
  • Dimitry Sivachenko
  • Lauri Watts
  • Wes Morgan
  • Will Andrews
  • Matt Douhan
  • Jonathan Drews
  • Pete Fritchman
  • Frank Laszlo
  • Alan Eldridge
  • Mário Sérgio Fujikawa Ferreira
  • Mike O'Brien
  • Rob Kaper
  • Kaarthik Sivakumar
  • Michael L. Hostbaek
  • Brad Davis
  • Michael Nottebrock
  • Puneet Madaan
  • Manolo Valdes
  • Daniel W. Steinbrook
  • Chris Howells
  • Arjan van Leeuwen
  • Philip Rodrigues
  • Danny Pansters
  • Tilman Linneweh
  • Markus Brueffer
  • Thomas Abthorpe

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